Personal Trainer Secret: Just Say ⛔NO⛔ to Perfection

⛔You don’t have to be perfect to start! Just 👀 watch and you’ll see what I mean! 📹💥🎉 (SPOILER: Bloopers included)

I want you to stop chasing perfection.

You don’t have to be perfect to start I see a lot of people holding back because it’s just not the right time because they’ve got to do this and they’ve got to do that first


🕛⛔the timing is never going to be perfect for you to begin

You will make it the right time. 🕛🎉

Don’t Believe The Lies

🛑🛑🛑If you’re sick and tired of not getting the results that you want there’s probably one simple reason that’s happening 😩😫 👉

It’s because you’re staying in your comfort zone!‼
Now why are you in your comfort zone?🛌

Well besides the obvious that it’s comfy there it’s because you’ve got limiting beliefs in
your head and you’ve got to get rid of them!

But it’s normal to have these limiting beliefs so don’t feel like you’re the only one because we’ve all had them and the difference is

Are you gonna let them stop you getting from where you want to go or are you gonna get rid of them because it’s easy to tell ourselves 👉
🛑that you can’t do it or
🛑that it’s too hard or
🛑that it’s too late or
🛑that it’s too early in the morning or
🛑that you’re too old or
🛑that you’re too busy but those

Are all LIMITING BELIEFS and they’re all not true because there’s somebody else in your exact same scenario if not more challenging actually accomplishing what you want to accomplish and the reason they’re doing it is because they’re 🔇not listening🔇 to their lies

They’re getting outside of their comfort zone and
they’re taking action on what they know they need to do ! 👍✨💥

SO– it’s okay to have those beliefs in your head but just don’t listen to them! 🔇

👎Push them away and take action on what you know you need to do‼💪👍

Weight Loss Surprise: Why Did I STOP Losing Weight?

Weight Loss Surprise: Why Did I STOP Losing Weight?

🎆✔If you’re wondering why you’ve stopped losing weight or why you might have plateaued watch this 👀👉 1️⃣Number one you’re overestimating… you’re overestimating how many calories are actually being burned 🔥🔥🔥 you’re not burning as many as you think you are or as many as your watch might suggest and 2️⃣number two you’re overestimating how consistent you’re being… you’re not being as consistent as you think you are and you need to spend more time staying the course before you’ll see progress And then of course you’re under estimating… You’re under estimating 1️⃣ how many calories you’re actually eating 😋🤤you’re eating more than you think you are and then 2️⃣number two you’re mindlessly eating in you’re under estimating how relevant and how much importance that’s playing in your goals so 🚫don’t overestimate this and 🚫don’t underestimate that and you’ll start to lose weight again and you’ll stay on track!

Seattle Fitness Expert Answers:  Do I Need to Count Calories?

Seattle Fitness Expert Answers: Do I Need to Count Calories?

🍴 Do I need to count calories?🧮🍵🥗🍗🍤🍌😋🍜🍑🍓🍒🍉🥓🍴

No you don’t need to count calories if you want to lose weight but here’s the truth: whether you’re counting calories or not the calories always count! 👍 ❓❓What does that mean?

It means that if you even if you’re not tracking your calories they can still add up and cause weight or fat gain so if you want to lose weight if you want to burn fat and you do need to be at a calorie deficit and counting calories is often the easiest way to get there–🤓 👉but you don’t have to do it…

I don’t count calories and many other people don’t either to still successfully lose weight or maintain the weight and the way they do that is they recognize that they stop eating when they’re satisfied before they get stuffed or they recognize how many calories different food items might have in them so oftentimes when you’re first getting started– counting calories might be the way to go to begin and then once you get comfortable with it once you recognize how much calories are in certain foods then you can stop counting the calories and just maintain because you have a better understanding of the whole process!

👉But remember whether you’re counting calories or not– calories are always counting all right take care!

IanFitness Inside Look: 10 Year Anniversary Special

👀IanFitness Inside Look: 10 Year Anniversary Special 👀 💪IanFitness has been going strong for 10 years in Seattle with 10 locations and 10,000 lives changed! 👉 We had a big, free, workout at Seattle’s Memorial Stadium to celebrate our birthday– watch how it went 👀 🎥 This one’s a little shorter than usual, but watch closely, because if you were there on the 28th, YOU just might be in it! Seattle’s 🥇#1 fitness and weight loss expert🏋️‍♀️ Ian Weinberg ( gets the story. 👀Watch the new IanFitness 📽video podcast📽 Inside Look👀