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Should I do Crossfit?

I hear the question often– should I do crossfit?

Yesterday I went for a bike ride. I ended up biking by a CrossFit gym while a session was taking place. 

Before I tell you what I saw and if you should be doing CrossFit let me tell you this. 

I love some of the CrossFit exercises. 

I love the attention CrossFit has brought to exercise and fitness. 

And I love seeing people intentionally pursing their goals and elite level crossfitters are elite level beast’s . 

But, what I saw yesterday on my bike ride and frankly, is far too common in CrossFit classes, was very concerning. 

Sacrificing form and technique and increasing your risk for injury by going as quick as you can or with as much weight as possible is a really bad combination. 

Watching this class was like watching a slow motion car wreck. 

I could see the injuries coming. 

Sure, there are people CrossFit is perfect for. 

Folks with extensive background on Olympic type lifts. 

Super competitive folks. 

People already in great shape and want to increase their performance level. 

But for folks who want to lose weight, some extra body fat, don’t have a lot of experience with barbell work, and want stay injury free it’s not a great idea. 


The risk of injury from going too heavy too fast and speeding through workouts is too high. 

If you need a safe, proven place, to come start getting in shape contact us. We’ll get you started. 

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