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The Plank

The plank is a highly effective isometric exercise that burns approximately two to five calories per minute, based on body weight. Isometric exercise involves contraction of a particular group of muscles in a static position.

However, can plank exercises really burn belly fat? The truth is that no single exercise will help you burn belly fat. If you’re really worried about reducing it, The overall recommendation from experts is that you focus on movements that require more energy and are compound.
Still is is very important you keep this exercise in your routine. Planking exercise improves your body posture by strengthening your back, neck, chest, shoulder and abdominal muscles. If you do the plank every day, your posture improves and your back will be straight.

Most experts suggest anywhere from 10 up to 30 seconds is plenty. You should focus on doing multiple sets of smaller amounts of time.

The Marines will join the Navy in phasing out crunches as part of its fitness testing regimen. The Navy eliminated the exercise for the 2021 cycle of its test.

The exercise was first introduced in 1997 as part of the fitness test, though the test itself goes back to the early 1900s.

According to Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Sam Stephenson, injury prevention is a major force behind the change.

How do you feel with your planks?

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