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The More Green Foods You Eat, The More Fat You’ll Lose

Law #14 should come to no surprise. The more green vegetables you eat = the healthier you’ll be and the more fat you’ll lose.

There are several reasons green veggies should be your best friend.

But let’s focus on these three.

  1. Veggies are high in fiber which act to help you feel fuller and to keep your digestive system moving at a healthy clip. And the more veggies you eat, the lower your risk of colorectal cancers.
  2. Veggies are high in nutrients that will make you feel more energized and radiant. And the more energy you have, the more you’ll enjoy exercising and being active.
  3. Veggies help regulate the hormones responsible for inflammation and weight gain. So essentially, you’re helping stop the problem altogether.

But what if I don’t like veggies?…

I often hear this excuse and here’s my take on it…

The resistance to doing the things you’re avoiding only exists at the beginning, when you’re starting out. Once you build moment, you’ll see that you’ll begin to enjoy the things that are serving you well, like healthy foods and exercise.

The Scale Will Never Tell You The Whole Truth

Continuing on from Law #12 about tracking your metrics; one metric you don’t want to give too much weight to (pun intended), is the scale.

And here is why…

Let’s say you work out every day for a week straight…

You combine that with eating healthy and eliminate all the soda you used to drink…

You feel like that bloated feeling has gone away and your clothes are feeling loser in the waist…

You’re excited to get on the scale to see the results and… the scale tells you , you’ve gained a pound!!!

How would that make you feel?

Would the scale’s reading deflate your excitement you were so proud of a minute before?

The scale is a tool to tell you how much you weigh, in the moment, with all the fluid, tissues, muscle, fat – you have on you for that particular moment.

The scale does not take into consideration whether you’re properly hydrated (you may weigh more from the water).

And it doesn’t take into consideration your lean body mass vs fat.

In fact, if you don’t drink water for 24-48 hours (do not attempt this), you’ll end up losing 5-10 pounds on the scale.

Do you see how skewed the scale’s measurements can be?

This is why you never want to depend on the scale to tell you the whole truth.

The best method we recommend our clients to use is to try on an outfit that use to fit you well but doesn’t anymore. And try it on at the end of each week to see how much looser it becomes.

That will tell you much more about your progress than the scale.

Not All Calories Are Created Equal

If you burn more calories than you consume… you’re suppose to lose weight.

If you consume more calories than you burn… you’re suppose to gain weight.

And if you burn the same amount you consume, you’re supposed to stay the same

Sounds pretty simple right?

This equation is a simplified version of the first Law of Thermodynamics.

It’s suppose to be the law which all living forms abide by…

But there’s a major problem. Sure the food you eat has a caloric value of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. You know that from looking at food labels.

But what isn’t included on food labels (and needs to be) is the hormonal effect your food choices have on your body.

Which do you think is going to have a more positive hormonal effect on your body: French fries or Green beans?

It’s an obvious answer but what most people fail to do is consider the longer term effect of food choices to their goals.

Any food that is processed and comes out of a box is typically going to carry a greater punch to your system. It’s going to cause inflammation. Probably contain lots of known carcinogens. It’ll disrupt your delicate hormone balance causing you to gain weight easier.

And most foods that come straight from the ground, like vegetables and fruits are going to nourish your cells, provide you with cancer fighting nutrients, give you a better source of energy and allow your body to tap into it’s fat storages.

Start asking this question before you ate anything:

“Is this food choice helping or hurting my goals?”

Animal Ab’s

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Check this video I made for you. It’s called “Animal Ab’s” and it’s all movements that are designed to hit the core and tighten that tummy. Give them a shot and let me know what you think!


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Weight Loss Formula Revealed


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