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How Many Calories Do I Need? Seattle’s #1 Weight Loss Expert Answers

❓❓❓How Many Calories Do I need to lose weight? How many calories do I need to maintain my weight?

🥇Seattle’s #1 weight loss expert Ian Weinberg (https://ianfitness.com) has a SIMPLE down and dirty way to calculate calorie intake for ANYONE!👍💪


so today I want to share with you a
simple down and dirty way that you can

figure out how many calories you should
be eating to either lose weight to

maintain your weight or to gain weight
so if you’re in one of those three

things and guess what you’ve got to be
then this is gonna be for you and it’s

super simple okay the first thing you
need to do is figure out how much do you

want to weigh not what is an ideal
weight not how much does your friend

weigh not how much did you weigh when
you got married or when you were in

college or high school but how much do
you want to weigh right now so let’s

just make this super simple and say
pretending that you wanted away 150

pounds okay do you want to weigh 150
pounds now maybe that’s 5 pounds away

from where you’re at
maybe it’s 50 pounds away from where

you’re at doesn’t matter
this is what your goal weight is in this

scenario to help you determine how many
calories you want to be at to maintain

your goal weight okay so if you want to
be 150 pounds what you’re gonna do is

you’re gonna multiply that by 12 okay
and you’re going to come out with 1800

calories per day so what that means is
right now let’s say you’re at 200 pounds

it would be very hard for you to just
all of a sudden cold turkey go to 1800

calories a day you would be very very
hungry and you’d probably be unhappy and

it would feel unsustainable so let’s not
do that so what that means is you can

split the difference right break it down
into increments so if right now if

you’re 200 pounds you want to get to 150
figure out how many calories should you

be at if you wanted to maintain 175
pounds and so we would get that from 175

times 12 and that would give us how many
calories to maintain that so that is the

simple down and dirty way to figure out
how many calories you should be at to

maintain your goal weight
take your goal weight multiply it by 12 and

it’s gonna give you that overall number
to maintain now how do you maintain that

number that’s a whole other video its
calories in versus calories out from

your metabolism and of course exercise
but this is a simple way to start to

figure out what is going to be the
calorie range you want to be at to

maintain your weight thanks so much see
you later

This Doesn’t Have to be That Complicated

⏱It’s really not WHEN you eat.

🥑It’s WHAT you eat.

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🔥Are you taking in more calories than you are burning off?


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Success Leaves Clues, Follow Them

Congratulations for making it all the way through the 21 Laws Of Fat Loss!

Most people never finish reading what they start and since you’ve made it here, I can tell you’re a go-getter who will not be stopped.

The final law is the law that success leaves clues.

Regardless of what you’re trying to improve in life… if someone else has accomplished it already, then they left a proven road map of the steps it takes to get there.

In fact if you want a short cut to success, simply do what the person before you did to get there. As long as you take action, you’re guaranteed success as well.

Even with all the clues and proven plans for effective fat loss out there; it still surprises me why so many people struggle with this…

When I pondered this question recently, I thought about the commonalities of my most successful clients and what they did to reach their accomplishments.

So what was the common theme?

They hired a professional coach to keep them accountable, to show them the way and to increase the speed at which they got results.

Think about it… can you name a single high level performing athlete who doesn’t at least have one couch?

Friend, I’d like to invite you to have a conversation with me, personally, where we can uncover what’s been holding you back and discover the best plan of attack of you.

There’ll be no pressure or commitments, I simply want to give you a gift for completing my 21 Rules Of Fat Loss!

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If You Want Nice Abs, You Must Do Functional Core Strength Exercises

The days of using your Ab Roller you bought from a late infomercial, to develop a six pack, are gone… Actually, they never existed!

Even though doing countless sit-ups and crunches never gave anyone a six pack, countless people still try.

Instead of waisting (see what I did there?) your time doing an exercise that isn’t going to work and probably only going to lead to back and neck pain…

Try these 3 fat burning and ab developing core strengtheners.

Functional Core Exercise #1: The Plank. Try to build up to 3 sets of 1 minute each. If you’re already doing that, try holding one foot off the ground.

Functional Core Exercise #2: The Deadbug. While laying on your back, extend a leg and arm on the same side, bring it up and then switch side. Do these slowly while holding your abs contracted.

Functional Core Exercise #3: The Grasshopper. In a push-up position, bring your knee across your body to the opposite elbow. Return your foot down and switch sides. Do 30-50 repetitions of this exercise.

Muscle Burns 5x The Calories At Rest Vs Fat

Did you know that if you sat on the couch for a full day, you’d still be burning energy (some fat as well)?

In order for us to survive, our bodies have a minimal energy requirement. We need energy for our brains to function, for our nervous system to fire, for our digestion to work and to maintain our muscle mass.

Muscle Burns 5x The Calories At Rest Vs Fat

Even our fat tissue burns energy… it burns very little but it does burn some.

The tissues and organs that burn that require the most energy (calorie burn) are our brains, nervous system and muscles.

Since we can increase our brain tissue let’s focus on the muscles.

If you increase your muscle tissue, even by a marginal amount, you’ll actual increase the amount of calories you burn while you’re at rest.

That means that you will be able to burn more fat while you’re sleeping.

Pretty cool right?

It’s important to leverage this law and have your workouts focus on Strength Training and increase your lean muscle mass.

If you’re not sure how to do this, go back and read Law #6.

To Lose Fat, You Must Eat Fat

If you’ve recently been paying attention to the news, then you’ve undoubtedly have seen reports where egg yolks have been taken off the “bad” foods list…

In fact, the nutrition and medical community are now conceding that they were wrong and giving us misinformation about the true causes of heart disease and other metabolic disease.

For years, we were told that eating foods high in cholesterol would lead to weight gain and heart disease. This is information was well known to be incorrect in the fitness community and it took some time for the guys in the white coats to finally admit it!

Law #16 is about convincing you it’s safe to eat fat… and you should really be eating a good portion of your calories from fat if you want to lose it.

Although cholesterol has been given a bad rap, there are actually really wonderful fat fighting nutrients in good fats. When you ingest these fats, they breakdown into little fatty acids that help repair your hormones system. Which make it easier for us to maintain good health and a slender waistline.

Now it’s important that you know which fats are considered the “good” kind.

One of the most important types of fat you want to increase is Omega-3 Fatty Acids and you can find these in:

  • avocados
  • olive oil
  • coconut
  • whole eggs
  • fatty fish
  • walnuts
  • flaxseeds
  • nut butters

The bad fats are known a trans fats and are found in processed and packaged foods.

If you’re purposefully been eating the fat-free types of foods, do yourself a favor and go back to what mother nature intend us to eat!