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You Must Have Crystal Clear Goals

The most common reason for people not reaching their desired destination is… they
don’t really know where they’re going.

Seems kinda obvious right?

The truth is, if you’ve been unsuccessful at attaining and sustaining your goals, it’s because you’ve probably never actually set clear, powerful and meaningful goals.

“But isn’t wanting to lose weight a goal?”

Kinda, but not really…

Imagine you wanted to leave your house and go visit a friend in the next town and all you had was the name of the street they lived on. No house number. No cross streets. No point of reference. No signs knowing if you went too far.

You’d never get there right? You may come close, by accident. But arrive at your desired location; nope

This is exactly what happens if you don’t set clear goals.

What does a clear goal look like?

Here’s an example of a clear goal: I want to be a size 6 and fit into my favorite jeans and feel comfortable and confident wearing them.

You see how specific and measurable it needs to be? If this was one of your goals, you could try them on at the end of each week and see your progress.

Try setting your own SMART goals