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What is The Illusion of Success?

The illusion of success–👻🥶

👀They don’t understand all the things that took place along the way to get there so it’s
gonna be frustrating at times right?😫

Seattle’s #1 fat and weight loss expert Ian Weinberg, founder of IanFitness says:

“👻🥶 The illusion of success is specifically when it comes to reaching your weight-loss goal see this is what most people see they just see the flag at the very end of your journey they don’t understand all the things that took place along the way to get there some of these things include things like early mornings right?

⏰There’s gonna be mornings when that alarm goes off and you gotta fight the
temptation to jump back in bed you gotta get up and you got to get that workout

😋There’s gonna be sacrifices there might be social events that you’re not
gonna drink at or there might be a happy hour that you don’t participate in or
maybe a brunch that you go and you order something from the menu instead of the
all-you-can-eat brunch …

👂Listen if you want to reach your goals there’s gonna
be some sacrifices along the way you’re gonna be to be in that calorie deficit if you want to lose weight you want to burn fat there’s no getting around the calorie deficit right!

👋hey it’s not a straight line to success there’s gonna be setbacks there’s gonna be obstacles and there’s gonna be failures it’s just the way that it works every time you
fail it’s just an opportunity to get back up and get back on track but nobody reaches their goal whatever it is on the very first shot so anticipate some failures and know that they’re part of the process speaking of failures it’s gonna be frustrating at times right it never goes as quickly as you want there’s gonna be those setbacks and obstacles that we just talked about so things get frustrating but you’ve got to push through it it’s all part of the process and strength training what a key component to losing weight reaching that weight-loss goal you’ve got to change your body composition we got to burn some body fat got to build some muscle 💪which we know we do from strength

And then of course what a lot of people don’t see is the hard work! I can tell you from first-hand experience
to reach any high level goal it takes a lot of hard work and most people they’re
just not willing to put it in but if you want to plant this flag🚩🚩🚩 if you want to
reach that weight-loss goal or really any goal you’ve got to understand that
most people see is just that end result and they don’t understand all the other
pieces that go into it they don’t see those but the good news is once you
recognize those are all part of the process and the whole process it gets
easier once you recognize how hard it is let me say that again the whole process
gets easier once you recognize how hard it is and how many pieces how many
components of the whole process you don’t see right away but we know
you have to go through to get there so let me know if I can help get after it
let’s help you plant this flag whatever that might be whether it’s weight loss
or whether it’s more strength or whether it’s an increase in cardio and endurance
I want to help so send me a message let me know how I can do so– Have a great day!!!