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Weight Loss Surprise: Why Did I STOP Losing Weight?

🎆✔If you’re wondering why you’ve stopped losing weight or why you might have plateaued watch this 👀👉 1️⃣Number one you’re overestimating… you’re overestimating how many calories are actually being burned 🔥🔥🔥 you’re not burning as many as you think you are or as many as your watch might suggest and 2️⃣number two you’re overestimating how consistent you’re being… you’re not being as consistent as you think you are and you need to spend more time staying the course before you’ll see progress And then of course you’re under estimating… You’re under estimating 1️⃣ how many calories you’re actually eating 😋🤤you’re eating more than you think you are and then 2️⃣number two you’re mindlessly eating in you’re under estimating how relevant and how much importance that’s playing in your goals so 🚫don’t overestimate this and 🚫don’t underestimate that and you’ll start to lose weight again and you’ll stay on track!