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Unmotivated. Professional personal trainer on doing even when you don’t want to…

It’s true.  🎯

Some days I want to hit snooze.  😴

​Skip my training session. 😉

Avoid working. 😵

And just don’t feel like it.  😟

I know, as a Trainer I’m supposed to always be on, right? But, the truth is I’m not and I explain why and what to do when you feel the same way in this 50 second video.  🎥

👉I hope this is a good reminder of two things:

1. As long as you never quit you can never lose. 

2. It’s okay to not feel like it, in fact you should expect it. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t do it. You still do it. 

🔥Win your Monday. 🔥

💪Champions do more,💪

PS- What’s your workout week schedule look like? 🕒📆 👋💪