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Seattle Weight Loss

If you're looking for Seattle weight loss help, you'll have a number of different options. Some of them sell you special food, while others put you through a series of exercises that all customers use. The best options, however, are ones that are designed specifically for you and your needs. No two people are alike, so no two people gained weight for the same reasons, nor do they lose it the same way. While all people who gain weight consume more calories than they burn, some are very active but eat far more than the average person, some are active but don't make healthy food choices and some are simply inactive. The best way to lose weight is to work with a personal trainer who has certification in nutrition and exercise.

A personal trainer listens to you first.

Before you start any exercises, the trainer first learns your goals and any special needs. Special needs may include lifestyle problems, such as extensive travel for a job, or physical limitations, such as painful joints. He or she then identifies your fitness level, including any weak muscle groups. Only then does the trainer design an exercise program specifically for your needs. The program is challenging, but still within your capabilities.

You'll learn how to eat healthier, but you won't have a special diet.

healthy fatsDiets just don't work. They limit you to specific foods, which is ridiculous in today's world, where people are on the go and eat meals away from home. They also always end, either in success or failure. Then you go back to your normal eating pattern that put weight on in the first place. Instead of a diet, the personal trainer will show you how to eat healthier and make wiser food selections. He or she may suggest substituting one food for another, such as eating wild rice instead of white rice or substituting mushrooms in sauces to replace meat. Other tips may be to eat more frequently. A healthy snack in the afternoon can keep you going until supper.

When you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise, you have a dynamic duo that knocks out fat.

Eating healthier lowers your caloric intake and exercise increases the output, making weight loss easier. However, exercise does more than that. It also builds muscle tissue and muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does, so you'll burn more calories 24/7. Muscle tissue weighs more per cubic inch than fat tissue does. Just like comparing feathers to lead, the container holding a pound of feathers is far larger than the one holding lead. As you build muscle tissue, even if you don't drop one pound, you'll look thinner.

Personal trainers show you how to do each exercise properly and then watch to insure that you do it right. Doing and exercise improperly can minimize the benefits and even cause injury that can set you back for months.

As your fitness level improves, the personal trainer adjusts your workout to reflect that improvement, so you're always working at maximum potential.

Personal trainers hold you accountable for your success. Just knowing you're meeting with a trainer is incentive to stick to the program.

Both the healthy diet and the exercise program gives you more energy, so you do more activities that burn extra calories.