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Seattle Fitness Expert Answers: Do I Need to Count Calories?

🍴 Do I need to count calories?🧮🍵🥗🍗🍤🍌😋🍜🍑🍓🍒🍉🥓🍴

No you don’t need to count calories if you want to lose weight but here’s the truth: whether you’re counting calories or not the calories always count! 👍 ❓❓What does that mean?

It means that if you even if you’re not tracking your calories they can still add up and cause weight or fat gain so if you want to lose weight if you want to burn fat and you do need to be at a calorie deficit and counting calories is often the easiest way to get there–🤓 👉but you don’t have to do it…

I don’t count calories and many other people don’t either to still successfully lose weight or maintain the weight and the way they do that is they recognize that they stop eating when they’re satisfied before they get stuffed or they recognize how many calories different food items might have in them so oftentimes when you’re first getting started– counting calories might be the way to go to begin and then once you get comfortable with it once you recognize how much calories are in certain foods then you can stop counting the calories and just maintain because you have a better understanding of the whole process!

👉But remember whether you’re counting calories or not– calories are always counting all right take care!