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Seattle Fitness Bootcamp

If you've started feeling older long before you should, you may benefit from working out at a Seattle fitness bootcamp. Exercising on a regular basis can renew your energy levels, while it also has many other benefits, such as improving your complexion or helping you lose weight. Don't worry about keeping up with the others because of your present level of fitness. A personal trainer runs the boot camp and designs a program specifically for each participant.

Boot camps use little or no equipment.

You'll learn a wide variety of exercises at a boot camp, most of which you can do at home without the aid of additional equipment. Many boot camps use exercises such as calisthenics or ones that use body weight. Not only will you learn a wide selection of exercises, you'll learn how to do them correctly. The personal trainer not only shows you how to do each one, but also watches to insure you do it right to maximize the benefits of the exercise and avoid injury.

You'll all be doing the same type of exercise, but some will do a modified form or fewer repetitions.

It simply wouldn't be fair to anyone if everyone did the same exercise routine. The person who is fitter than the rest would be bored and the couch potato on his or her first quest toward fitness would be overwhelmed. That's why trainers design programs for each individual. The programs vary by number of repetitions and may include modifications of the form. For instance, a fit person might do fingertip pushups, while the couch potato may do knee bent ones.

Some boot camps include dietary information.

Eating healthy and working out go hand in hand for good health. Not all boot camps offer information that can help you learn to make wiser food choices, but some do. Changing the way you eat can also increase your vigor and bring health benefits, besides helping you shed a few extra pounds. If you're lucky enough to attend a boot camp that gives this type of help, you can use it at home to improve the health of your family, too.

Working out on a regular basis lengthens the telomeres. These protect the chromosomes and prevent cell death that can cause aging and illness.

Working out regularly helps you sleep better at night. The body heals itself when you sleep and you have far more vigor and energy after a good night's rest.

When you exercise regularly, you build strength and stamina, but also increase your range of motion by doing flexibility exercise. Staying flexible keeps you younger looking and prevents injury.

You'll have all the benefits of using a personal trainer when you attend a boot camp, but at a fraction of the cost, since each person shares the cost of his or her time. That makes it far less per capita.

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