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Seattle Boot Camp

Women in Seattle Boot Camp

Losing weight is a battle and a Seattle boot camp is the perfect way to train to fight the war against fat. Boot camps are exercise camps where you workout to your maximum potential. A personal trainer runs the boot camp and identifies just what your fitness level is, then creates a plan to help you reach your goals. Not everyone is at the same fitness level at a boot camp, but everyone will struggle to hit the goals set for them by the personal trainer.

Trainers do more than just create your workout plan.

The personal trainer will show you how to do each exercise. Sometimes, even the slightest wrong move can minimize the effectiveness of the exercise or even cause injury that sets you back for months. That's why the trainer and watches to insure you execute each move correctly. As your level of fitness improves, the trainer adjusts the workout to reflect that improvement.

Everyone does the same type of exercise, but at a version suitable for their fitness level.

Not everyone at the boot camp is a rookie or an expert, so you'll often see a wide diversity when it comes to fitness levels. One of the group may be almost as fit as the trainer and another may be a couch potato on his or her first journey to fitness. To make the exercises beneficial and doable for both, the trainer may have the fit person do several reps of fingertip pushups, while the couch potato may only do a few modified pushups in knee bent position. Each person is challenged, but still capable of accomplishing their goal.

There's plenty of comradery at a boot camp.

A common struggle, such as trying to meet personal fitness goals, can often bind people together as a team. It does so at a boot camp. You'll frequently hear people cheering another on to victory or applause when someone accomplishes a particularly difficult goal.

You'll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a discount price. Everyone shares the cost of the trainer's time so it's far less per capita.

People often make lifelong friends at a boot camp or find a workout buddy for after the end of the camp.

Boot camps provide far more motivation to continue than you'd ever have if you worked out alone. You'll often find yourself in friendly competition with others, which can drive you on to succeed more than you'd do on your own.

Seattle Boot Camppeople miss you when you skip a boot camp, so you have accountability to both the personal trainer and the group. It's harder to coast along, too, particularly when there are other people watching, so you maximize your workout time.