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run and rain workout

Run and Rain Workout

I have a new video– Run and Rain workout! Bad weather ruining a workout? Think again! It is a widely known fact that fitness training can produce many benefits for your body. It doens’t matter the weather.

The benefits of just a few workouts include increased muscle mass, reduced fat, and improved cardiovascular fitness.

We all know a lot about exercises, sets, and reps, there is little said about other, important factors like training periodization. What the heck is that? Well, I’ll talk about that TOMORROW– SO come back. You don’t want to miss it.

TODAY it’s short message — You need to workout. Don’t have time? Make time. You just gotta make the decision and stop waiting. It’s Monday so start the week out right. Watch the video below! 👀

Do you want to get fit with me? Of course you do! You have 2 choices. Sit inside and scroll on social media until the rain stops and here in Seattle, we know it might stop but it’s going to start again, soon– OR

You can come out and run with me. Or walk. Or sprint! Whatever you can do– just get moving, because it’s a day to run and if you don’t have time now– When Will You? We all need a little help on these things, so shoot me a message below and I can help you stick to the plan.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Run and Rain workout in Seattle with me and again– come back tomorrow right here for a serious article about periodization in fitness training. You might think it’s just for bodybuilder fitness training, but these concepts are for everybody!

Enjoy your rain run!!!🌦️🌧️☂️

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