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Re-Opening Continues!

The State is moving forward to the next phase of re-opening on Monday. 

You might be wondering what that will look like for IanFitness and how will things be different in the Studios?

To be honest, not much will change for us yet…. 

We’re continuing to prioritize our team and clients safety, enforcing masks, no sharing equipment, appointments only, waiting outside until the workout begins, and keeping everyone spaced out and in their own zone during the training. 

We will not be doubling capacity with the 25% -50% phase jump, instead we’ll strategically add a few more spots at each studio – depending on space, air flow, and overall capacity at that location. 

The goal has always been to help you get healthy, fit and strong, and that will continue to be the goal as we slowly, strategically, and sustainable open more spots in each studio.

If you have questions or concerns please let me know and if you are interested starting or re-starting your fitness journey we have a 28 day jump start program starting soon and you can apply HERE​ for the program.