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Not All Calories Are Created Equal

If you burn more calories than you consume… you’re suppose to lose weight.

If you consume more calories than you burn… you’re suppose to gain weight.

And if you burn the same amount you consume, you’re supposed to stay the same

Sounds pretty simple right?

This equation is a simplified version of the first Law of Thermodynamics.

It’s suppose to be the law which all living forms abide by…

But there’s a major problem. Sure the food you eat has a caloric value of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. You know that from looking at food labels.

But what isn’t included on food labels (and needs to be) is the hormonal effect your food choices have on your body.

Which do you think is going to have a more positive hormonal effect on your body: French fries or Green beans?

It’s an obvious answer but what most people fail to do is consider the longer term effect of food choices to their goals.

Any food that is processed and comes out of a box is typically going to carry a greater punch to your system. It’s going to cause inflammation. Probably contain lots of known carcinogens. It’ll disrupt your delicate hormone balance causing you to gain weight easier.

And most foods that come straight from the ground, like vegetables and fruits are going to nourish your cells, provide you with cancer fighting nutrients, give you a better source of energy and allow your body to tap into it’s fat storages.

Start asking this question before you ate anything:

“Is this food choice helping or hurting my goals?”