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Motivation. Massage. Mindset.

Motivation Massage Mindset. Over rated or Under rated?

👉 Motivation is key to achieving goals.

Set goals that relate to the high priorities in your life. Without this type of focus, you can end up with far too many goals, leaving you too little time to devote to each one. However motivation is not enough because it is ephemeral in nature as it can never last. Motivation is cheap because it is common, anyone can be motivated it does not take lots of energy to be motivated by a goal or an idea, but it does take energy to do the necessary work.

👉 Some benefits of massage are: reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension. Improving circulation, energy and alertness. Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

👉 Having a positive mindset and belief in your abilities can help you meet your fitness goals. That’s true whether your goal is to get stronger, lose body fat, increase your endurance or improve your overall health. Raw talent is like “potential energy,” it doesn’t have any effect until you put it into motion. But, let us know YOUR rating in the comments! Would you also change one of them? ALL OF THEM? Give us your thoughts!