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If You Want Nice Abs, You Must Do Functional Core Strength Exercises

The days of using your Ab Roller you bought from a late infomercial, to develop a six pack, are gone… Actually, they never existed!

Even though doing countless sit-ups and crunches never gave anyone a six pack, countless people still try.

Instead of waisting (see what I did there?) your time doing an exercise that isn’t going to work and probably only going to lead to back and neck pain…

Try these 3 fat burning and ab developing core strengtheners.

Functional Core Exercise #1: The Plank. Try to build up to 3 sets of 1 minute each. If you’re already doing that, try holding one foot off the ground.

Functional Core Exercise #2: The Deadbug. While laying on your back, extend a leg and arm on the same side, bring it up and then switch side. Do these slowly while holding your abs contracted.

Functional Core Exercise #3: The Grasshopper. In a push-up position, bring your knee across your body to the opposite elbow. Return your foot down and switch sides. Do 30-50 repetitions of this exercise.