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IanFitness Seattle Updated FAQ

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly remember a more hectic and chaotic time in my life or the world for that matter. 

There seems to be SO much going on in just about every arena of life these days. 

I know it’s hard to keep up with so much, so I am hoping to help reduce some confusion with what’s going on at IanFitness and make it even easier to burn stress, and build health and strength.  

Here are some FAQ’s and announcements. 🗣🔊


Is IanFitness open? 


We are open for 1 on 1 personal training, outdoor small group personal training, and hopefully as of next week, indoor small group personal training. Also, we still have our online follow along workout schedule in the Facebook Group​ as well. 

Bootcamp will be on hold for at least a few more months and for those interested in switching their membership from Bootcamp to small group personal training or to personal training, send us a message!

What cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting steps has IanFitness taken?

We have implemented four main pillars to stay as safe and clean as possible for you and our team.

  1. Studio Cleanliness
  2. Social Distancing inside the studio
  3. Workout Adaptations
  4. Equipment Modifications

You can read more about these steps HERE or if you prefer to watch a video about it you can do that by clicking HERE​.

How do I book a small group personal training session from the website?

This is the simplest way to book your small group personal training session and this video will walk you through the process. 

Click HERE​ to watch the video. 

How do I book a small group personal training session from the Mindbody App?

You can book your small group personal training session using the Mindbody App. You can click HERE​ to watch a short video on how to do this. 

What if I am still having trouble booking a session from the website or the App?

Typically this is because of a couple common reasons. 

  1. When you initially signed up you used a different email than you are using to login into Mindbody now.
  2. Your account is not active, it’s either frozen or has a balance. 
  3. The session you are trying to book is too far away. 

If it’s still giving you trouble, email me and I’ll help! 

How do I sign up for Personal Training?

​We can setup a free in-person or virtual consultation to discuss your goals.  Just contact us here on the site!

I’m worried about not being able to get into a small group personal training session because of the 5 person capacity. 

​Not to worry! Each session will have a wait list so YOU can be added into the workout if someone cancels before the workout, and as our workouts begin to fill back up, we’ll simply add in more availability by adding more sessions. ​

Lastly, you’ll still have the online workouts as well. 

​Can I change my membership to Online only?

​Absolutely, just email me and I can get that setup for you. 

Are all the Studios re-opening with same schedule?

Nope. ​We’ll slowly add back in the poplar workout times as demand increases and more folks return to in-person workouts. The Queen Anne location will temporarily move to the Queen Anne Bowl while we work on re-locating to a new a studio. 

How do I get added to your morning motivational text messages?

​Just email me with your best number!

I’ve got more questions, what should I do?

​Reply back to this email and I will personally get back to you as soon as I can!


I hope this was helpful! 

Champions Believe More, 


PS: You’re awesome!