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We had such a great Team meeting last weekend that I just have to share some of it with you

See, once a month I get the whole Team together: the Coaches from all six locations around the City, the admin team that manage all of our Client accounts, and me, The Chief Motivating Officer of IanFitness.

It’s always a great opportunity for everyone to catch up, talk shop, and discuss how we can help our clients.

Each month we address different topics, but the basic structure remains the same.

I typically start with updates and announcements; this time it was, ‘Hello! New location in Normandy Park opening next month! Tell your friends, co-workers, and neighbors!’ 🙂

Then, I highlight an outstanding Coach who has gone above and beyond for one of our Clients, or did something innovative or inspiring in a Boot Camp, or who’s just really grown or stood out and needs to be recognized.

And finally, I Coach the team on self-development strategies that we can use to:

1.Make ourselves better

2.Make our training sessions better

3.Make our Clients results better

What I shared at the last meeting is so important and integral not only to achieving success as a Coach or with your fitness goals, but for attaining success in life, that I felt I had to share it with you.

In my opinion, this key element is the deciding factor for why some people succeed wildly and others fail.


I shared my three key practices to developing a winning mindset and I’d like to share them with you.

1. Do the Work.

There are NO shortcuts. Everyone wants the pill, potion, or secret exercise that will help them have the body of their dreams. But the truth is, is there is no shortcut.

You have to do the work.

Sure, you can be more efficient, more effective and get results faster doing the right program (IanFitness anyone?) BUT, you still have to do the work. You still have to do the burpees.

I have to laugh to myself when people ask me with amazement about being an overnight success. They seriously think that practically overnight I went from one location to seven and they want to know my secret.

Do you?

You want to know my shortcut on how I built a massively successful Company with seven locations (and counting) with no business partner during the biggest economic downturn in modern history and with no business background??

I did the work.

I woke up 6 days a week at 5:15am, put on every sweatshirt, jacket, and pair of gloves I owned, hopped on my scooter (I couldn’t afford a car when I first started training) and drove my tired freezing ass to my 1st Boot Camp session of the day.

I remember riding across the Aurora Bridge getting windblown and pelted with rain, my face and fingers gone completely numb, and the little headlight on my scooter barely cutting through the dark.

It wouldn’t be until my 3rd or 4th Client that I’d eventually warm up.

My last Boot Camp of the day would end at 8:30pm. Then I’d layer back up and scooter home to respond to emails and plan the next day’s sessions.

Six. Days. A. Week. For years!! THIS was pretty much my schedule! (Eventually I upgraded to a car. But, I still have my scooter – which I typically reserve for sunny day Sounder’s Games.)

It was tough. It was a grind. (and rewarding) But I knew there was no shortcuts. I had to do the work.

Because of that work I put in, I am where I am today and I have the amazing opportunity to help hundreds of people every day through my Programs and through my amazing Coaches.

  • The cold didn’t stop me.
  • The fatigue didn’t stop me.
  • The competition didn’t stop me.
  • The doubt didn’t stop me.
  • The fear didn’t stop me.
  • The naysayers didn’t stop me.

So, I want YOU to promise that you will Do the Work and not look for the shortcut. In fact, I want you to promise…

  • That you won’t quit when you’re tired.
  • That you won’t let a busy schedule be an excuse.
  • That you won’t let the fear of not succeeding scare you into not trying.
  • That you won’t let pride get in the way of asking for help.
  • That you won’t stop until the last rep.
  • That you’ll work all the way until the time is up.
  • That you’ll be early to training and stay after.
  • That you’ll forgive yourself for mistakes and get back to work.
  • That you won’t give up when it’s not perfect.
  • That you won’t compare yourself to others and you’ll aim for your best self.

That you’ll do the work.