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Compound Exercises Are More Effective At Burning Fat VS Isolation Exercises

Compound exercises are those that require more than one major muscle group to complete the exercise.

Where as isolation exercises are those that isolate a joint.

Examples of compound exercises are: bench press, pull-ups, squats, lunges and overhead presses.

Examples of isolation exercises are: bicep curls, leg extension machine, abductor and adductor machines.

Now while I’m not likely to say there’s such a thing as a bad exercise… there are definitely exercises that are inefficient and not very effective (it’s goal specific).

If fat loss is your goal and I’m assuming it is because you’re reading the 21 Laws Of Fat Loss, then you want to be able to build your workout using exercises that are designed to get your metabolism revving.

And nothing does that better than multi-muscle compound exercises.

One of my favorite benefits of doing compound exercises is that because you’re using more muscle groups, your heart rate will be elevated as if you were doing cardio.

So you’ll get cardio benefits (better actually) without having to spend time on boring machines.

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