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Closed? (Nah!💪🏻)

Good morning and welcome to a new reality.

Just about everything we’re used to doing and everywhere we’re used to going is closed or will be by the end of the day.

The impacts are profound, painful and deep.

But, it is precisely times like these that our strength of character is tested and our resolve for staying true to the best version of ourselves is measured.

It’s not easy.

It’s not convenient.

And it may not feel fair.

But, you can do it.

Just like you overcame struggles, challenges, and obstacles in the past.

You’ll do the same now.

How do I know?

Because you’re strong.

Because you’re capable.

Because you’re resilient.

Because you’re you.

Now more than ever – your focus should be on health, and everything we know about boosting immunity and recovering from being sick tells us regular exercise and eating healthy will help.

So, it’s certainly not time to abandon your fitness routine and give into all the snacks you’ve stock piled in the pantry.

It’s time to double down on your efforts to stay fit.

I’m making that easy for you with IanFitness temporarily moving online, with live follow- along workouts, exercise video tutorials, nutritional advice, motivation, coaching, you name it, you need it, we got it.

Today, you can join me online for a live follow along workout at 10:30am by CLICKING HERE or you can do the workout later, whenever it’s convenient for you. They will all be in the Facebook Group.

But, we will continue to be your source for fitness, exercise, and health and while this is indeed different, what will remain the same is our commitment to helping you stay strong and fit every step of the way.

As of 12pm today we will suspend in-person coaching at the Studios and move everything online. Personal Training clients can meet with their coach via Facetime or Zoom and myself and fellow all-star coaches will be leading live follow along workouts in the Facebook group.

I believe this is the best move for our community.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day and real time updates in the IanFitness Community Facebook page- located HERE. You DO need a Facebook account to be a member of this group, so be aware!

With much appreciation!