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AM Workouts

AM workouts, consistency, and workout clothes

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If you’re looking to start a fitness routine, consider morning workouts. Early exercise will help you start the day with more energy, focus, and optimism. Plus, after a morning workout, you’re more likely eat healthy and say active throughout the day. Despite these benefits, there isn’t a “right” time to exercise.

Consistency is arguably the most important component when working to accomplish goals, in or out of the gym. Without consistency, programs are unorganized, the body has a harder time adapting, and forming habits may be more challenging.

Like any other equipment for the practice of sport, clothing is considered an integral part of an athlete’s performance. When wearing proper clothing your performance can become enhanced, increasing workout intensity with improved timing. Lately, workout clothing provides benefits that most people aren’t aware of. But yeah, clothes are clothes. If you are working out, just starting, or doing it for health and activity, the go with whatever makes you feel comfortable.