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6 Week Fitness Challenge Winner (Case Study)


I’d like to introduce Brittany, one of our awesome Boot Camp Clients at IanFitness and share a little case study I put together.

This was her “before”

She won our most recent 6 week fitness challenge ( $200 Cash, a massage, and a new pair of shoes) and I thought sharing her story might help give you some insight on how she was able to lose nearly 20lbs, drop over 5% body fat and several inches in just 6 short weeks.

I decided to interview her, and below is our conversation.

Why did you sign up for the 6 week challenge?
I found myself making excuses (i.e. work and personal stress) for not eating properly and not making my fat and weight loss goals a priority. I knew that it was time to make a change, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to really kick things in to high gear.

What concerns did you have regarding signing up?
Over the past decade (essentially my entire adult life) I’ve struggled with yo-yo weight loss and weight gain. I attribute this to a lot of things, but a big one being my inability to commit to/find a good balance when it comes to eating right and exercise. Of course I realized that was not a sufficient reason to not achieve my goals, and decided to join to get myself headed in the right direction.

What was your first workout like?
I showed up to the session extremely out of shape (close to 200lbs and hadn’t exercised regularly in nearly a year). I was also extremely prideful however, and remember being a little offended when the Trainer started the session by telling me multiple times to rest if I needed it, or how to modify the majority of the exercises (you know, being a VERY good trainer!), but quickly realized all of his recommendations would be necessary. I quickly realized I couldn’t give in however, and the encouragement the Trainer provided from the beginning of that session to the very end (“you did great, keep coming back, it gets better!”) eventually found me finding a rhythm and attending sessions on a semi-regular basis.

What was your favorite part about the training sessions?
As simple as it sounds, the best part for me is that I don’t have to think about it. I show up up, the Trainer tells me what to do (and corrects me/pushes me if I can do it better) and I go home.

Did the meal plan help you lose weight and body fat?
Yes! As mentioned above I’ve lost weight in the past, but never body fat at the rate at which I did when following the meal plan. Yay!

What did you like about the meal plan?
Variety, and that the recipes were included and delicious! I was also rarely hungry, and in the case that I was I never felt like I couldn’t eat a healthy “approved” snack due to a calorie restriction I was trying to stay under. This is a huge key to why I feel confident I can keep pushing towards my goals and finally maintain a healthy weight/lifestyle. I never feel restricted. Oh, and the education! I really appreciated understanding the science behind why we should be eating this way to aid in fat loss.

Why do you think you were so successful with this program? How did you Win?
I kind of wish I could say my competitive nature wasn’t a huge factor but I know that it was. In the end though I’m very grateful for it because the “win” became the least important thing I’d gained. I find myself pushing myself so much harder during my workouts now. I feel like my mentality changed, where before the challenge I would come to boot camp with a goal to get through it, and now I go with a goal to get better. I’m now results oriented and motivated because I was able to see the tangible results my hard work produced. I understand nutrition in a way that I never have before, leading me out of the “diet” mentality that kept me yo-yoing for so many years. I’m so excited to know how to eat in a way that will keep me fit, full, and feeling great! I also would not have been as successful without the additional motivation of the Magnolia Trainers throughout the process. It’s so evident that our success is important to them, and motivates them as well, which is very much appreciated. Lastly the support of my co-bootcampers was also huge. The sense of community within the Magnolia sessions is incredible and unlike anything I’ve experienced in a fitness environment before.

So there you have it folks! Now don’t get me wrong, she put in a lot of hard work, sweat, and the most important ingredient of success: she showed up!



Pretty amazing transformation!

As you can probably imagine, the demand has been pretty high to join one of our 6 Week Fitness Challenges so we don’t have a ton of space.

But we are opening up 17 spots for folks who want to drop 20 lbs and 3-8% percent body fat in the next 6 weeks just ike Brittany did.

If you would like in, just shoot me an email at let know why you would like to join our next 6 week fitness challenge starting next week.

Congrats again Brittany!