How We're Keeping The Studio Clean And You Safe!
Created With Advice & Feedback from Physicians, Nurses,  Sanitation Company CEO's, 
& Local Government Officials.
Our number one priority has always been to help our clients stay safe, healthy, and fit and that hasn't changed. 

Which is exactly why we went back to the drawing board and created a brand new internal operations manual for how we'll keep the studio, equipment, and you clean and safe for our training sessions.

Studio Cleanliness
Cleaning before, during, and after each training session. 
Social Distancing
More space between clients,  an app checkin, and reduced capacity. 
Workout Adapations
Shorter workouts, staying within your fit zone, and more individual attention.
No sharing equipment during the workouts, find your weights, use them, and clean them when done.

Studio Cleanliness

The Studio, common surfaces, and equipment will cleaned each day before workouts begin, during the workouts themselves, and immediately after each session. Clients will be required to clean the bottom of their shoes using our shoes sanitizer before entering the Studio. 

Additionally, each Fit Zone station will house it's very own cleaning supplies to insure each piece of equipment get's the individual cleaning and sanitation necessary before being made available for other clients. 

Clients will remain within their Fit Zone for the entire workout and will be responsible for cleaning and wiping down their area at the conclusion of their session. 

Lastly, Coaches will be able to trade in fresh equipment, such as mats, bands, or anything else that may need additional time to be cleaned, disinfected, or to dry. 

Social Distancing

More space between clients within the studio, a new online checkin policy, and reduced capacity for group training sessions will combine to insure proper distancing between clients and coaches is maintained during the workouts.  

New fit zones have been created for clients to workout in and to insure a safe distance from other clients within the studio. The fit zone will house whatever equipment is needed for the days workout, cleaning supplies to keep the equipment and area safe and clean, and allow enough space to workout. 

To maintain a safe capacity and reduce congregating at the front desk and lobby area, we have integrated a workout registration system via the Mindbody App. This will reducing crowding before and during sessions and allow clients to schedule their workouts for the week ahead of time. 

Clients will be required to wait outside the Studio until the previous session has ended and the Coach has invited them in. 

We have removed the water stations as well to reduce crowding and will make bottled water available for purchase. 

Workout Adaptations

With a reduced capacity we'll be able to get more done in less time and add an increased personal experience to the workouts. 

Shorter workouts will give us the time necessary between training sessions to make sure the studio is clean, safe, and properly prepped for the next workout. 

Staying within the marked fit zone will save time rotating through out the room, as well as decrease the liklihood of contamination of equipment and the space. Each fit zone will house the equipment needed for that day's workout and will allow less time needed to find the right equipment. 

Equipment Modifications

To reduce the likelihood of contamination each client will bring their own beach towel or workout mat to place in their Fit Zone and will use their own set of equipment for the workout. 

Each client will be provided the needed equipment at the start of the workout and keep it in their fit zone. Nobody else, clients or coaches, will touch the equipment and the client will be responsible for cleaning the used equipment at the end of the workout. 

In addition to reducing contaminating equipment this will save more time searching for and trading equipment during the workout, as everything needed will already be ready and available. 
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